Use mobile while shopping in-store
*Source: Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council and M/A/R/C Research


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In a world where mobile devices are pervasive, ubiquitous and key to nearly every part of the shopper journey, retailers need to reimagine how digital and physical experiences interplay with one another. With the advent of location-based marketing solutions, retailers today have an opportunity to reclaim the in-store consumer experience by utilizing the engagement and analytics capabilities that mobile creates. See your shoppers, understand their behaviors and needs, and deliver and engage with them in means similar to what the digital world uses.

Marquee retailers use Gimbal to improve Omni-channel strategies, combat showrooming and drive loyalty & sales. Use the Gimbal Platform to:

  • Increase Store Visits: Drive nearby shoppers into your store with personalized offerings and specials
  • Understand Traffic Flows: Bolster in-store analytics by understanding popular times & areas of your stores
  • Send Relevant Experiences: Combine the benefits of online shopping with brick-and- mortar locations by highlighting items, providing reviews and more.
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