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The Gimbal™ platform enables brands, retailers and venues to engage customers with relevant, timely and personalized content to their mobile devices which can drive customer engagement, sales and loyalty. At the same time Gimbal is designed to respect consumer privacy.

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Gimbal Proximity utilizes our Gimbal proximity beacons to provide micro-location awareness which enables applications to determine their relative proximity. Gimbal beacons are easy to install, cost-effective, battery efficient and designed to suit a variety of use cases. To order your beacons, go to our store



Gimbal Geofence is designed to provide always-on, low-power, geofence-based location awareness. This enables an application to become aware of an end user’s presence, including arrival, departure and dwell times from the app-defined locations.

 Interest Sensing

Interest Sensing

Gimbal Interest Sensing provides regularly updated inferred lists of end user interests. This enables applications to customize content and messaging to increase sales and drive loyalty without end user input.


Send customized communications triggered by Geofence, Proximity, time, instant, and ad-hoc or any combination thereof. Plus filter with Interest Sensing or your own custom attributes. Refine and improve the communications using data provided by Gimbal Analytics.

Consumer Privacy

The Gimbal Platform features consumer friendly opt-in and opt-out privacy controls. This allows users to turn Gimbal on and off or delete their data at any time from within the Gimbal enabled application.

Gimbal Proximity Beacons For Micro-Level Customer Engagement

Gimbal proximity beacons complement geofencing by allowing devices and applications to derive their proximity to beacons at a micro-level not currently afforded by GPS technology on consumer devices. When a Gimbal-enabled app is within physical proximity to a beacon and detects it, the app can notify the customer of location-relevant content, promotions, and offers.

Gimbal proximity beacons have been designed and certified by Gimbal, Inc. to meet Apple performance standards to support apps running on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that incorporate the iBeacon™ protocol.

Combining Macro and Micro Location Awareness

You can use a combination of Gimbal Geofencing and Proximity with Gimbal Bluetooth® Smart beacons to provide users relevant content as they enter both macro locations and micro locations. Two types of beacons are available. The Series 10 (blue) is a small form factor beacon. The Series 20 (silver/white) is an industrial design for indoor/outdoor use. Our beacons have configuration flexibility which provide the opportunity to support many different deployment use-cases. Depending on the desired use-cases, our beacons have a battery life of many months to many years. To cover larger locations both radial and polygonal geofences can also be used.

Gimbal supports real-time messaging triggered by geofences and/or beacons

Gimbal Beacon Map


Deliver personalized, timely and relevant offers to customers in order to drive engagement and loyalty.


Using Proximity, help busy travelers get useful and location-relevant information as they make their way through a train or subway station.


Welcome fans to their favorite concerts and sporting events and deliver real-time content.


Acknowledge a frequent guest with a promotion or provide offers designed to attract new customers from the local area.


Make an experience interactive when moving from exhibit to exhibit by getting content to match the art in front of you.


Keep your loyal customers engaged by rewarding them when they interact with your application while in your store or venue.

Gimbal Platform Analytics

The Gimbal platform can provide the data to enable e‑commerce style analytics for brick and mortar locations. See how end-users interact with the messages you send, the places they visit or dwell at and how they move through your location from outside to the point-of-sale. The breadth and depth of the data enables omni-channel marketers to take a big step forward.

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Developer Tools

The Gimbal platform includes Gimbal proximity beacons with iBeacon technology and an SDK for iOS® and Android™. Note: Proximity features available on iOS only. It also includes the Gimbal Manager which is a set of APIs and a web-based tool for managing geofences, beacons, communicates, analytics, etc. Go to Get Started below to download the SDK and order Gimbal Proximity Beacons.

Get Started

Gimbal Proximity Beacons

Gimbal Proximity Beacons are available in various models to support a variety of use cases. If you’re just getting started, be sure to request one of our developer kits so that you can get familiar with Gimbal and how our beacons work. If you already know what you want, click through to see the selection of beacons we have available for purchase at our store.