When we talk about mobile viewability we give it a common sense definition: was the ad actually seen by a human?

It seems like a straight-forward question, but layers of technology and complex vendor relationships currently muddy the waters – making it increasingly difficult to answer.

This page was established as a resource to help the industry better understand the problem, establish best practices, and – ultimately – build better solutions.


Be careful when you hear the word “guarantee.” At the very least, be sure to read the fine print.

Mobile Viewability Insights

from the Gimbal Blog

Solving Viewability with Big Data

When most people think about big data, they envision a massive number of data points.

But what truly matters is how those points are related and work together to solve a problem »

Steps Toward a Viewability Solution

Learn why even the most well-intentioned vendors building specific ad tech solutions are doing more harm than good when it comes to solving the viewability issue »

100% Viewability (or Fulfillment?)

Prolonging a campaign until 100% of the impressions ordered by the advertiser have been filled is not 100% viewability.

Learn why in this in-depth article »

See all of the factors that impact mobile viewability.

Download our comprehensive infographic today.


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