At our core, we are a technology company. We build the tools that we know will yield the best results for our clients, our partners, and consumers. It’s the only way to keep your data pure.

Mobile Advertising Platform

DSP, DMP, creative builder, and pre-bid viewability. All from one vendor.


AdSynergy™ powers our clients’ mobile media campaigns. It is the brains and beauty of the operation, the work horse and the artist. Flexible, extensible, and supremely efficient, it is the mobile advertising platform that ad operators and trade desks dream of.

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Buy real-time mobile phone and tablet ad impressions using the most specific criteria available to optimize and make the most out of your mobile campaigns.

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AdScore™ determines ad quality, environment details, and app reputation before you pay to ensure proper placement and protect your brand from fraud.

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Videos, interactive ads and mini-games are now within reach. Create beautiful, media-rich mobile ads that can be used both inside and outside of our mobile platform using AdKit™.

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Build mobile-specific audiences with conviction using our match and filtering technologies from location, demographic, behavioral, and historical data.

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Location Management Platform

Empower your organization and customers with a hyper-accurate location suite.

People + Proximity Platform

Our end-to-end platform combines macro-location geofences and proximity beacons with software, hardware, analytics tools and a management portal to help you get the most out of your mobile location strategy.

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Gimbal Manager

Gimbal’s cloud-based location management console makes it simple, fast, and convenient to build, manage, and analyze your mobile campaigns and location infrastructure.

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Turn location events like entry, exit, and dwell times into opportunities to correspond with your customers directly via push notifications in Gimbal Manager.

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Location SDK

Gimbal SDK was built with $75M+ of R&D within Qualcomm, Inc., is installed in 300M+ devices, and has passed financial institution security and enterprise-grade stability requirements.

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Gimbal Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons set the standard for signal stability, energy efficiency, and overall effectiveness – both indoor or outdoor.

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