Capture more of your clients’ current budgets

by Adding Mobile Advertising to Your Offering

Direct mail plus mobile is a proven multichannel strategy that can be optimized to drive higher consumer engagement at a low cost. Read on to learn how to:

  • Expand your offering
  • Build your imprint
  • Increase impressions
  • Improve response rates
  • Grow your revenues

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Over 10,000 end customers have taken advantage of Gimbal’s mobile advertising solution.

Deliver Better Results by Adding Mobile to Mail Campaigns

Use Mailing lists to target the same people on their mobile devices

Increase the reach and frequency of your direct mail programs to improve ROI

Build deeper client relationships by providing increased visibility to customers

Create a new revenue stream and retain a higher percentage of customer ad spend

How Mail + Mobile Works

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Gimbal runs thousands of mobile ad campaigns each quarter for partners like you. By joining Mail + Mobile, your organization gets access to:

  • A turnkey solution that you can begin selling and implementing immediately
  • Dedicated support and implementation teams
  • Access to the best mobile advertising platform on the market
  • Campaign performance reports for your clients

Find your core AUDIENCE

A (List) Match Made in Heaven

Upload your list of names and physical addresses, and we convert them into targetable devices to serve mobile ads across 180,000 apps and websites.

  • Create a pure mobile audience by matching your mailing list against our database of devices – ensuring mobile ads are delivered to the same people that receive your physical pieces.
  • Devices are added as audiences for the mobile portion of your clients’ campaign.
  • We serve ads to smartphones and tablets – no matter what apps or mobile websites they visit.

Extend to Similar People

Reach New Audiences with Mobile-Specific Data

Gimbal’s platform finds people who share the same demographic information, location, interests, and behaviors of your original audience to expand your cumulative reach. As a result, advertisers can target more of the people they want to reach based on details like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household Income
  • Content Categories
  • and more…

With an expanded audience, you can now fulfill larger and larger budgets – which means more revenue for your organization.

Deliver your Ads

Print Creative Delivered Flawlessly on Mobile

  • Static, interactive rich media, and video capabilities
  • Deliver the same creative before, during, and after the drop for increased exposure with a coordinated strategic delivery.

Take advantage of our award-winning creative capabilities to go beyond static banner ads. Vertical videos, mobile coupons, and interactive units mirror print pieces – and look great on any device.

By 2019, advertisers will spend more on mobile than all traditional media – except television – put together.

Why Mobile Matters

Usage & Growth in the Coming Years

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