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Gimbal enables the world’s leading brands to unlock rich location insights and provide their app users with a more personalized mobile experience based on physical world data. Now, data from the real world can power your marketing, loyalty, IT, and operations teams’ decisions to drive growth in a mobile-first world.

What would

mean to your bottom line?

Gimbal’s location intelligence solutions drive incremental revenue for enterprise organizations across the globe.

Powerful tools to empower any team and use case in your organization with location-fueled data.

  • Enhance your omni-channel strategy by capturing physical world data
  • Create personalized marketing and more accountable spend
  • Map pathways to learn about your customers (and your competitors’)
  • Leverage physical intent to create purchase incentives
  • Find precise moments of real-world decision making
  • Capture the complete customer journey with both indoor and outdoor location frameworks
  • Simple and seamless software to get up and running in minutes
  • Technical integrations often take less than a day
  • REST APIs plug into any existing application solution like marketing clouds

Security and quality are programmed into Gimbal’s DNA. Our enterprise-grade hardware, software, and firmware were developed inside Qualcomm, Inc. Since spinning out to our own company in May 2014, we have obtained some of the most rigorous certifications in the industry.

Industry Use Cases


Reclaim the in-store consumer experience by utilizing the engagement and analytics capabilities that mobile creates. See your shoppers, understand their behaviors and needs, and deliver and engage with them in means similar to what the digital world uses.

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Enable frictionless, smart interactions with customers that streamline your operations and improves their experience while at your locations. Make mobile a proactive concierge for your hospitality services.

Dining and QSR

Mobile app usage is pervasive in casual and fine dining establishments. Frictionless mobile ordering and concierge-like experiences are no longer a “nice to have”. Users expect their dining apps to enable personalized orders, decrease drive-thru times, offer curb-side pick-up, and help them avoid lines. Your mobile strategy must embody and cater to these expectations to drive increased loyalty, revenue, brand awareness and visitation frequency.

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Financial Services

The big data, mobile-centric economy is revolutionizing nearly every industry including financial services (retail banking, insurance, and more). As the leading mobile engagement and location intelligence solution, Gimbal can enable FSI to create omni-channel experiences that create foot-traffic, up-sell opportunities, and drive loyalty.

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Venues and Events

Mobile is increasingly part of the live experience. Transform it from a distraction to an asset by better understanding who is in attendance to increase in sponsorship revenue, drive ticket sales, deliver a stronger loyalty and VIP treatment, and monitor activity outside the event.


Learn how location data can help drive incremental revenue to your business.