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Let’s face it, we can all do a bit more good. Herein lies an opportunity for you to do just that in the form of free ad space. This would be allotted to nonprofits who have amazing causes, but ultimately lack the resources to promote and market their message. We can help these nonprofits, and we know you can too.

By donating valuable ad space, together we can educate and create beautiful ad campaigns for a truly positive impact on these organizations, and in turn, have a positive impact on the world.

All we need from you is a commitment and number of impressions you wish to donate. We will work with the nonprofits to fulfill the rest, and promise to run digital advertising campaigns worthy of the causes – making your inventory look especially wonderful in the process!

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Once the advertising campaign is given the green light, your donation will begin to make a meaningful impact on both the nonprofits and those benefiting from their message! 

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