The Gimbal Foundation

Advertising for Action

The Gimbal Foundation’s mission is to provide a voice for significant public issues, to raise awareness, and promote the education of important causes.

The foundation brings together nonprofit organizations with far-reaching media companies desiring to affect change, and the media companies donate a portion of their inventory to the charity’s ad campaign.

All of The Gimbal Foundation’s campaigns are produced pro-bono: from the creative and campaign set-up to the media buyers who donate their services on a completely volunteer basis.


Tech that Tells A Story

Samaritan shines a light on the unsheltered – the single mom on the bus, the grandfather on the park bench, or the homeless teen outside the supermarket – by revealing their stories via the Samaritan app and opening up the opportunity for individuals to make a meaningful contribution in the moment.

Back in 2015, Samaritan began testing Gimbal Beacons as a communication path between app owners and those in need. To date, Gimbal has provided Samaritan with over $4,000 worth of S10 beacons, which has helped over 580 unsheltered individuals and raised roughly $50,000 in donations.

Gimbal Beacons work in conjunction with Samaritan’s GiveSafe App. When app owners cross paths with a Samaritan beacon holder, a notification will appear on their phone. Clicking on the notification provides an opportunity to read about the person’s story or contribute money towards a needed good or service (such as food, fuel or clothing). Read the life changing story of one woman here.

Exhibit at the Gates Museum

Exhibit at the Gates Museum

It’s been truly incredible working with the Gimbal team! Their technology and attention to our cause has deeply impacted the lives of currently homeless individuals in Seattle. We’re very grateful!

Jason K.

CMO, Samaritan

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Engineering for the Future

Coding with the Community

Over the past few years, Gimbal has held several coding nights with Teens Exploring Technology (TXT), a non-profit organization that encourages young people of color from underprivileged communities to ideate and collaborate using technology as a catalyst for promoting positive youth development and leadership.

These “all night” code-a-thons bring together Gimbal engineers with TXT participants to inspire learning and creative thought and give them a peek inside a professional working environment.

Gimbal’s Product Manager, Alex Steady, with TXT’ers

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