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Your Shopping List of Strategies and Insights

Shoppers come to expect experiences that are catered to them. How can retailers understand a shopper’s context, preferences, and real-world movement to better service and build loyalty?

Here’s How

  • Geofence your stores and competitor stores to deliver personalized offers
  • Use beacons to track aisle/dept traffic and determine length of stay and frequency of visits
  • Target customers with complementary product ads based on aisle/shelf insights
  • Track visitation peaks and lulls (day of week, time of day)
  • Understand traffic patterns within stores to help with logistics (i.e. displays, flow between departments)
  • Create BOPIS efficiencies for customers and staff such as contactless/curbside pickup
  • Send upsell/cross-sell messaging when customer arrives
  • Trigger in-app messages such as product info when customers are shopping in store
  • Send customers reminders to use retail credit card while making an in-store purchase
  • Use location analytics to drive online sales via push messages as a follow-up to store visit.



When Frictionless Pickup Matters

No Delay, On-the-Way

Don’t Make Your Customers Wait

Order fulfillment is all about efficiency, speed, and convenience. From ETA updates to automated customer pickup instructions, Gimbal’s On-the-Way suite brings seamless experiences to BOPIS and curbside pickup.


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More apps trust Gimbal for location intelligence than other Location SDK providers

As measured by total apps with the Gimbal SDK by MightySignal in 2020

Augment your omnichannel strategy by harnessing the power of always-on location data

Macro & Micro-Location

Only solution provider with built in-house software and hardware technology to measure visitation with precision – from store entrance down to the shelf 

Partner Integrations

Security & Quality

Grade A security rating by McAfee, EU-US Privacy-Shield certified, GDPR & CCPA compliant, SDK optimized to reduce battery drain

What would

mean to your bottom line?

“In the omnichannel environment, physical stores will continue to play a role.” – Dana Telsey, CEO, Telsey Advisory Group

Transform the Retail Experience

From in-store to online, complete the consumer journey from message to purchase.

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