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Customers expect offers and experiences that are catered to them. How can financial institutions better understand their customers’ preferences and real-world patterns to better service and build loyalty?

Here’s How

  • Geofence auto dealerships, real estate offices, shopping centers, etc. to push financing offers
  • Understand the customer’s journey inside and outside of your branch
  • Improve customer experience upon arrival at your branch by greeting customers by name
  • Promote sponsored events by sending location-triggered messages when customers are nearby
  • Implement beacons at ATM lobby entrances to enable cardless entry after hours
  • Understand customer frequency at branch and/or ATM visits and compare against other regional branches
  • Promote partner cards when customers are nearby partner locations (or competitive locations)

More apps trust Gimbal for location intelligence than other Location SDK providers

As measured by total apps with the Gimbal SDK by MightySignal in 2020

Augment your omnichannel strategy by harnessing the power of always-on location data

Macro & Micro-Location

Only solution provider with built in-house software and hardware technology to measure visitation with precision – from bank entrance down to the ATM 

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Grade A security rating by McAfee, EU-US Privacy-Shield certified, GDPR & CCPA compliant, SDK optimized to reduce battery drain

What would

mean to your bottom line?

“Banks must consider how to integrate the branch experience into the broader omnichannel strategy and improve efficiency…every element of the journey must keep the customer front and center.” – McKinsey & Company

Invest in the Power of Location

Transform the branch experience and cash in on a successful omnichannel strategy.