Next Generation Geofences

Geofencing technology acts as a virtual boundary that triggers an action when a mobile device crosses over it. This type of technology is extremely useful when you are looking to run location-based advertising, reach audiences with push notifications, understand where your app users go in the physical world, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing.

Gimbal’s technology allows for the dynamic creation of radial or polygonal geofences, or the option to choose from a library of pre-built, human-verified premium geofences that include thousands of locations for the top brands across industries and categories.

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Uses cases 

  • Advertising/Marketing: Send contextually relevant messaging and build experiential consumer journeys utilizing the most accurate location data in the industry
  • Building Audiences: Create new audiences based on how often people visit your locations or other locations of interest, including duration of stay
  • Competitive Analysis: Set up triggers around competitive locations to understand your audience’s activity with competitors
  • Analytics/Insights: Understand how your audiences move about the world and further segment based on location learnings
  • Monetization: Learn and improve audience segmentation and apply to other revenue streams (advertising, sponsorships, data partners, etc.)

Location-Driven Products for Advertising and Marketing

At our core, we are a technology company. We build tools that translate location data into intent, measurement, and analytics to help organizations transform their businesses.

Case Studies

Mobile coupon app company, SnipSnap, generated a 233% increase in open rates with location triggers utilizing Gimbal’s geofence technology

“Location-based push messaging in a native app is an excellent way of driving engagement.”

Nicole Harris

COO, Slyce (owner of SnipSnap)

Gimbal’s technology not only enabled geo-conquesting of competitor lot visits, but also measured an average dwell-time of 69 minutes at Fox Dealer locations, proving the effectiveness of the location-driven campaign.

“The ability to measure actual lot visitations based on dwell time is an innovative solution and helps validate advertising spend.”

Jeff Chan

CTO, Fox Dealer

Grow Your Business With the Power of Location