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How and Why It Works

Sometimes we can all do a bit more good. This is a great opportunity for you to make a small donation in the form of ad impressions to charities who have a great cause but lack the resources to promote and market their message.

We can help these charities, and we know you can too. You can donate valuable ad space; we can create beautiful ad campaigns; and together, we could have truly positive impact on these organizations, and in turn, truly have a positive impact on the world.

All we need from you is a commitment in the form of impressions you wish to donate. We will work with charities to fulfill the rest, and promise to run beautiful ad campaigns worthy of the causes — making your inventory look especially good in the process.

Register Your Inventory

Simply fill out the contact form below. After submitting the form, expect an email from our AdOps Senior Manager, Alex Steady, who will reach out to you to begin coordinating the process and answering any questions you may have. If everything goes according to plan — which is the plan — then we will finalize a commitment that makes sense for both you and the charities.

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The Results

ALS TDI Campaign

The fantastic and now globally recognized ALS TDI was looking for a way to drive ALS awareness; drive traffic to the Association’s website; and ultimately drive an increase in monetary donations in the hope that continued research funding will ultimately lead to a breakthrough cure for the debilitating disease.

Our Solution

Our solution was to combine thought provoking creative with demographic, geographic and behavioral targeting. The campaign reached the charity’s main target audience on a scale that only mobile can — with the result being a massive increase in awareness in the form of 422,000 impressions, and a very respectable CTR of 0.46%.