Bringing Insights to New Heights


Foot traffic dashboards to power your business.
Built atop the richest location dataset in the industry.

See What’s Trending. IRL.

You know what your customers are doing online. Now uncover what they’re up to offline.

Aggregated consumer insights give marketing, finance, operational, and real estate teams confidence on the decisions they’re making for their business. Understand how the movement of consumers by region and state impacts your sales, marketing spend, and more.

Know Where.
Know When.

Gain insights about the places people visit over time for a greater understanding of how consumers move about the physical world, and why.

Better Data

Quality. Quantity. Diversity.

Sourced from over 150 million active devices each month.

Verified Visits

Deterministic & Dwell-Based

Visits identified at over 4.9 million North American store locations.

Insights at Scale

Over 2 billion place events per month highlight individuals’ most frequently-visited locations by Brand, Category, and Sub-Category to provide a more complete picture of the consumer journey
or flow.

Understand how your brand stacks up against your competitors’ over time.

Analyze the impact of customers spending more or less time at locations.

Keep a finger on the pulse of market share within your industry, or identify shifts over time.

Determine if your stores should be spaced closer or further apart based on how far customers are traveling to get there.

Understand the top categories that index the highest among your visitors and those of your competitors.

Learn where visitors come from prior to your location and what other interests and hobbies they have.

See how your business stacks up on the most critical days of the week.

Get smart. Get Trends.

Discover what location intelligence can do for your business.