“Not all location data is created equal”

Through exclusive premium app partners, Gimbal’s enterprise-grade Location SDK collects and processes location data with hyper-accurate geofence and beacon technology. This data is collected passively in the background with user consent.

Win With Data

Location-Based Audiences

Custom Audiences

Build your own location audiences to target exactly who you want based on visitation.

Footfall Attribution

Attribute the success of your campaigns through in-store visitation metrics.

Insights & Analytics

Learn about the people that visit your places and the places people visit.

Custom Audiences

Scaleable, Place-Based Targeting

Gone are the days of paying for aggregated, pre-built segments anyone can buy off the shelf. Gimbal’s custom audiences are built with accuracy and precision from premium geofence and beacon data.

Target exactly who you want and ensure your campaigns reach the right devices by building your own custom location-based audiences based on frequency, recency, and dwell parameters.

Gimbal Audiences are collected directly from the source – the consumer – and are never aggregated or sold externally.


Geofence & Beacon-Powered Footfall Attribution

Arrival is Gimbal’s flagship attribution product that allows advertisers to determine the ROI of their campaigns – no matter the channel – by tracking in-store visitation with dwell time.  

Location Insights & Analytics

Next Level Foot Traffic Analysis

Gimbal Trends allows you to understand visitation patterns and customer dwell times at points of interest like your stores, your competitor stores, and other established locations.

Key Features

  • Real-time, hourly, daily, or weekly data availability
  • Always-on location data for persistent picture of consumer behavior
  • Constructed from rich data with an average of 300 location events per day, per device
  • Data directly sourced from the Gimbal Location SDK
  • Place Database of over 4.9 million

Reimagine Relevance

Location Intelligence Built for You