Instantly pipe valuable real-time location data from your app into your marketing system of choice. With Gimbal Connector, you can power push campaigns, email notifications, direct mail lists, SMS messages, and more from location-powered audiences inside your current marketing platform.

Power Relevancy

Unlock personalized, omnichannel marketing fueled by real-time location data. With Gimbal Connector, logged consumer place events (such as entry, exit, and dwell-time) are ported into your marketing system of choice for instant audience analytics and marketing activation.

How It Works

Easy Integration

Quick and simple methods via the Gimbal Mobile SDK to monitor Place Events (entry, exit, dwell) or other customized data points and receive into your systems.

Discover and Segment

Unlock foot traffic patterns such as visitation frequency, dwell behaviors, competitive visits, pre-visit path and more. Map your app data alongside visitation data to further segment your audience.

Contextual Activation

Map your CRM database to mobile device IDs to activate 1-1 marketing based on what people buy alongside where they go. Integrate digital alongside physical, to provide real-time marketing campaigns.

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Gimbal Connector

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