Geofence & Beacon-Powered

Real-World Attribution

Finally, an attribution product that does more. Arrival brings together proprietary hardware and software to create the most detailed, data-rich view of consumer behavior after ad exposure. This is attribution on steroids.

Always On

Understand your consumer’s entire journey, not just isolated snapshots. Location data is always being collected in the background by our mobile SDK

Dwell Time

How long someone stays is just as important as where they go. Filter out any visitors who weren’t at your location long enough to take action


Dig into micro-location behavior by installing our beacons. Know which departments or aisles your customers visited for a more precise form of attribution

Cross-Device Measurement

In-store measurement has long been a mobile-focused effort since smartphones are a proxy to where individuals go in the physical word. Get a more comprehensive understanding of what channels are most effective in driving your consumers to physical points of interest and optimize your campaigns in real-time.

Ad Stack Integration

Close the loop on your advertising campaign. Arrival works with the rest of our ad platform to provide you with the most robust advertising solution in market.

Attribution Within Inches

Take advantage of our proximity beacons for micro-location analysis. Know within inches where your consumer went after they saw your ad. 

What Happens After Ad Exposure?

Now You Have the Answer