Campaign Performance

Performance reports are enriched with audience insights including demographic data, interests, past purchases, engagements by day of week and more.

Understand which creatives, ad formats, time of day, day of week, site placements, and more drove the most clicks and engagements.

Your campaigns are optimized in real time, by our team of experts to ensure your KPI’s are reached.

Self-Serve Reporting 

Get access to all your campaign activity, in real-time, with Gimbal Analytics, a robust self-serve reporting dashboard.


  • Full campaign flight overviews
  • KPI and impression visualizations
  • Fully exportable for sharing with clients

In-Store Foot Traffic

Ad viewed, store visited

Our real-world attribution solution, Arrival, combines our mobile advertising pedigree with the accuracy and scale of our Location Platform to create a highly detailed view of consumer behavior after ad exposure.

Analyze Actions and Drive Performance