Create and target audiences based on 1st party location data and other data such as demographics, pyschographics, and more.

Location-Based Targeting

Geofencing (Current Location)

Reach your audience in real-time when they are near your location or a competitor’s location.

Geofarming (Historical Location)

Retarget consumers that have visited an area of interest in the past within a specified time period. 

Predictive Location

Using predictive analysis, target consumers who show a strong probability of visiting a location in the future so you can reach your audience based on where they may be going next.

Beacon-Based Retargeting

Deploy a network of your own beacons to create custom audiences and retarget them in the future. Perfect for shopping centers, billboards, or bus stops.


Custom Audiences

Target exactly who you want and ensure your campaigns reach the right devices by building your own custom location-based audiences based on how often people visit your places or other places of interest and how long they stay.  

Audience-Based Targeting


Map your 1st party customer data to devices and run targeted ad campaigns to expand the breadth of your marketing initiatives.

Combine 3rd party data segments to additional targeting layers including demographic, psychographic, purchase behavior and more. We are integrated with a handful of data providers and will work with your partner of choice.

Know Who You Want to Reach?