Pre-Bid Placement Verification

Mobile Bid Request Approved

Gone are the days of paying and praying. AdScore™ ranks every possible piece of inventory so you know what’ll work and what won’t – before you pay.

Turn fear into complete confidence.

Mobile advertising can be scary. With little to no visibility into where or when your ads will be placed, it’s no wonder advertisers aren’t willing to dedicate more of their budget to mobile.

That’s where AdScore™ comes in.

Our proprietary ad scoring index guarantees value by evaluating publisher reliability and CPM pricing so you ensure mobile viewability at the best prices available.

  • Ensure quality with trusted and scored inventory
  • Boost performance
  • Protect your brand
  • Gain transparency with post-campaign site reports
  • Get the inventory you want that works best for your brand and campaign

How It Works

Mobile Ad Score for Viewability

Quantity Through Better Quality

AdScore™ assesses ad quality and app reputation to protect you from mobile fraud such as:

  • stacked images
  • pixel fraud
  • bots
  • unserved units

AdScore™ also ensures content appropriateness and delivers your ads to the right devices with the right capabilities.

Lastly, our platform uses AdScore™ to decide on what inventory to use and what to ignore. This real-time decisioning machine increases quality and boosts performance for your brand.

Stop Click Fraud Dead In Its Tracks

The moment we receive a bid request, we rank and validate every placement to ensure your ads are seen.

Mobile Ad Score

Learn How Much AdScore™ Can Save You

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