All-in-One Mobile Demand Side Platform

AdCast Mobile DSP

A platform that gives your team full control of ads and media that are viewable, brand-safe, and effective.

Deliver your message to the world’s best sources.

Best Mobile DSP

Choose from the Best

Cherry pick the best apps and sites so your ads are only shown on safe and effective sources.

mobile ad buy

Buy Ads in Real-Time

Our technology makes it easier than ever to buy real-time mobile phone and tablet ad impressions.

Mobile ad inventory

Premium Inventory

Select from a variety of premium sources to enable up to full-page display of your rich media and video ads.

integrated mobile advertising

Integrate with Ease

With full use of all Gimbal’s products, AdCast™ helps target, optimize, track data, protect against fraud, and more.

Better Impressions for Your Money

AdCast’s pre-bid evaluation filters out fraudulent, broken, and otherwise unviewable placements so that campaigns meet their objectives. After all, ads that are viewed by real people tend to perform better than those that aren’t.

The Mobile DSP – Reinvented

If big data is good, AdCast™ is the best thing your brand has ever seen. As a preferred partner of Hortonworks, Gimbal has invested heavily in speed and scale by building our DSP – and all of our products – with the help of the most trusted name in big data.

AdCast Mobile Ad Scaling

Built to Scale

Most DSPs are built in languages that enable quick development, not top performance. AdCast™ is built in Java to deliver the fastest response times and better results at scale.

Mobile Ad Speed

Speed Is Key

Our platform is 5x faster than the average mobile DSP (4.5 milliseconds vs. 20-40 milliseconds). Faster means we can process more data quicker and make better decisions – even when your bid isn’t the highest.

Big Data Mobile Advertising

Bigger Data Is Better

Better pre-bid decisions can be made from the billions of data points stored inside AdCast™. More data means greater reach and higher frequency on even the most specific target audiences.

AdCast Real-time Mobile Ad Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Use AdCast’s built-in reporting to optimize campaigns by adjusting bids at the app and mobile site level.

Find an app that’s working well?

Increase your bids in real-time for maximum exposure to a high-performing audience.

Bid & Analyze

Real-time analytics provide up-to-date information to adjust campaigns for both maximum scale and reach. Track data within the platform to prevent fraud and to create in-depth reports, including information from 3rd party inventory channels.

Serve & Track

Distribute your rich-media ads to the premier exchanges in the industry, then track your campaign’s progress through AdCast™. Real-time analytics allow media buyers to adjust campaigns for both maximum scale and reach. Tracking data within AdCast™ also helps prevent fraud and create in-depth reports – including information from 3rd-party inventory channels.

Plan & Prepare

AdCast’s™ forward-looking tools offer a fully self-serve experience, with the option to forecast your campaign’s impact by cherry-picking the most relevant apps or sites. Distribute your spend on only the most relevant media by selecting the best possible audience for any campaign – and nothing else.

Report & Analyze

After campaigns are complete, our in-depth reports offer further insight into what worked, what didn’t, and what changes need to be made to make future campaigns a success. We also believe full transparency benefits everyone. That’s why AdCast™ insights include a complete list of the apps and publishers your media was distributed to.

Get Better Reach with AdCast™

Speak with one of our product experts to find out how
the smartest DSP in mobile advertising can impact your campaigns.