AdCast, our proprietary mobile demand-side platform (DSP), makes it easier than ever to buy real-time mobile phone and tablet ad impressions.


Fewer moving hand-offs between vendors means less waste. Plus, advanced technology like AdKit™ and AdScore™ ensure your ads are seen by humans and get better results.


AdSynergy’s complete suite of mobile advertising products helps agencies and brands target, optimize, track data, protect against fraud, and more.

Everything Works Better. Together

All of the benefits of working with ad networks, with none of the compromises.

Better connections means better results. By significantly reducing the number of vendors needed to execute a mobile campaign, we’re able to deliver faster bid responses, verified ad delivery, higher engagement rates, and ultimately – lower costs per campaign.

AdSynergy™ improves the ad buying process by removing redundancies, reducing costs, and eliminating waste.

A Complete Managed Service

Tell us what you need. We’ll handle everything else.


Decide where your message will be delivered. With access to over 90% of mobile inventory, you choose which websites, apps, and games to deliver dynamic, video and rich-media ads to.


Get access to what you pay for. We show you exactly where your ads are displayed and how they perform. No more hidden inventory sources, no more paying for ads humans will never see.


Greater impact comes from greater control. Ensure accuracy by building the perfect audience using Gimbal’s proprietary 1st-party data, or supplement with outside sources.


Engaging, cross-platform ads are more attainable than you might realize. Use your own creative, or have our world-class creative team construct the ads for you.


No breakages. No fees. No additional vendors.

Integrated Partners

Gimbal’s mobile advertising platform is extendable to ingest and integrate with other top-quality ad servers, tag managers, viewability partners, and more.

Deliver the Perfect Campaign

See It In Action