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Perfect your advertising and marketing relevance with identity-driven solutions using physical-world data.

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In your app or via paid media, Gimbal has the tools to collect valuable data from existing or potential customers and reach your target audience across all of their devices with relevant, captivating experiences.

The Power of Place

Harness the power of location to drive true value and personalized experiences for your customers. Generate place events using geofences and beacons to access deep data analytics via the most sophisticated location platform in the market.

The Acumen of Advertising

Execute flawless media campaigns across all screens and devices via our managed advertising service. Benefit from captivating creative, pinpoint targeting, and real-world attribution – all powered by the best ad platform in the industry.


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Advertising should captivate. It should be relevant. And it should deliver incredible engagement. Put something amazing on your media plan.


Connect your customer’s movements to location-triggered offers, incentives, experiences, and interactions to complete their consumer journey.


Your app is a hit. You create awesome content. Regardless of how you attract an audience, harness their value to keep profits high.

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