Powerful, personalized, mobile engagement in the physical world

The Gimbal platform combines advanced geofencing and analytics, the largest deployment of industry-leading Bluetooth® Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons, and unmatched security features and privacy controls to bridge the physical and digital worlds.

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The Gimbal Difference

Mobile advances have created new opportunities for passively discovering the physical world around you. Developed as a part of Qualcomm Labs, Gimbal brings together the proven technology that retailers, venues, and developers rely on, with the market-driven development cycle and nimble decision-making process that today's rapidly evolving proximity ecosystem requires. The result is immediate, relevant mobile engagement today and an adaptable solution ready for the technology of tomorrow.

Our Platform — Deliver on Consumer Demand

By understanding your consumers' unique interests and their precise location, the Gimbal platform enables you to deliver the content, offers, and information your customers want, when and where it matters. With our best-in-class secure proximity beacons, geofencing, location-based messaging, analytics, and consumer privacy controls, you can create more meaningful consumer relationships by connecting their digital and physical worlds to deliver immediate customer value. Gimbal’s flexibility allows developers to use the entire solution or just the tools they need.

Not All Beacons are Created Equal

Gimbal has the world's largest deployment of industry-leading Bluetooth® Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons with iBeacon technology. Our engineers are consistently raising the standard of beacon technology with regular advances and upgrades that are easily configurable over the air. Secure transmissions offer an opportunity for beacon owners to "digitally own" their beacon inventory, so they can securely share access to their partners for new revenue streams.


Gimbal is consistently selected by major sports and entertainment venues, retailers, and application developers to provide the best mobile experiences.

Venues: Changing the Game

Understanding who attends your events, not just who purchased tickets, and their specific interests and precise location in your venue allows you to more effectively engage with them in your stadium, arena, concert venue, or theater. Gimbal lets you provide a personalized mobile experience for each fan:

  • Encourage app engagement before, during, and after the event
  • Deliver personalized greetings, interesting facts or history
  • Direct fans to the shortest lines
  • Offer special access for sponsors

Brands & Retailers: A More Engaged Way to Shop

Mobile campaigns that use macro- and micro-location are driving more retail visits. A recent study showed 66% of consumers engaged in this way went into the store. With Gimbal, you have the information you need to enhance the quality and frequency of their visits:

  • Welcome into the store or department
  • Highlight great deals or product info
  • Customize shopping with information from user account and loyalty status
  • Optimize in-store operations with shopping habits and traffic pattern insights
  • Combat showrooming by being in control of who can access your beacons

Agencies & Advertisers: Break through the Mobile Clutter

Transform mobile devices into an effective personalized marketing platform to drive sales. In a recent campaign, Japan’s largest ad, marketing and consumer services agency saw 100% more click-throughs with location-based notifications. Gimbal can help you, too:

  • Deliver timely content based on actual location
  • Reduce digital chatter and deliver content that users care about when they want it
  • Increase the impact of mobile advertising
  • Provide new data points and tools for your analytics platform
  • Turn traditional marketing assets into digital experiences

Solution Providers: Your Platform, Pumped Up

Mobile marketing platforms tied to proximity campaigns are seeing open rates over 50%. Incorporate Gimbal into your mobile advertising, push notification, couponing, or other mobile platform solution to take your offering to the next level:

  • Increase the value and effectiveness of push notifications
  • Deliver an array of new triggers for analytics packages
  • Improve understanding of consumer traffic patterns
  • Enhance beacon security

Developers: Revolutionize Your Mobile App

Access a suite of tools including beacon hardware, an SDK, a manager portal, as well as APIs for both iOS and Android to help you drive differentiation and a better experience:

  • Manage and connect an unlimited number of geofences and beacons to your app
  • Incorporate precise user-location data to deliver proximity notifications
  • Use analytics to learn user trends and understand foot traffic
  • Enroll non-Gimbal beacons on the Gimbal Manager

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