of customers use multiple channels for their banking needs
* Source: PWC

Financial Services


Mobilizing the Retail Banking Experience

The Big Data, Mobile-Centric economy is revolutionizing nearly every industry – including financial services (retail banking, insurance, and more).

As customers continue to prefer and seek out experiences that are smart, convenient and proactive, the businesses that work to optimize their offering across all channels – particularly mobile – stand the greatest chance to find new opportunities, customers and revenue streams.

As the leading mobile engagement and location intelligence solution, Gimbal can enable FSI to create omni-channel experiences that create foot-traffic, up-sell opportunities and drive loyalty.

Our location-based marketing solution enables you to:

  • Drive foot-traffic
  • Create VIP experiences
  • Improve customer communications (e.g. highlight specials)
  • Improve customer visibility
  • Improve customer satisfaction

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