If we could deliver the offer when the user is near the store instead of sitting at home, then we could greatly increase store visits and the use of the offer.

Yoshihiko Hano, business development consultant with Blogwatcher

Case Study

Gimbal raises the bar for a leading global agency.

In Japan’s highly competitive mobile advertising market, Blogwatcher Incorporated, Dentsu Inc. and Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd teamed up with Gimbal to improve their mobile marketing, advertising and consumer engagement with more personalized, relevant and timely content.

Dentsu and Recruit formed Blogwatcher to develop novel advertising and marketing services that they could offer their clients. Their goal was to find new ways to monetize online-to-offline (O2O) smartphone marketing with content that was more personalized, relevant and timely. By using Gimbal to build context awareness into their platform and apps, they could help their clients differentiate themselves from competitors through highly targeted mobile advertising and offer consumers much more than the usual paid apps and in-app advertising.


Blogwatcher integrated Gimbal into three mobile apps– Shoplier, a loyalty app, RecoCheck, a recommendation app, and Women’s Gourmet, a search engine app.

Gimbal was integrated into the Shoplier app to increase both in-store traffic and the redemption rate of mobile coupons. Geofences were set up around two participating stores. When customers approach, Shoplier sends a digital coupon to their mobile phone.

RecoCheck used Gimbal’s geofence functionality combined with social networking data to send personalized recommendations and promotions to users. They tested location-based notifications against time-based notifications and compared 1000m geofences around some stores with 100m geofences around other stores.

The Women’s Gourmet app uses the interest and location information provided by the Gimbal platform to identify likely favorites among search results and brings them to the top. Blogwatcher tested the app to see if personalized search results lead to better user engagement.

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Shoplier had an 82% click-through rate of the initial notification, and 13% of customers actually visited the store. 42% of those customers redeemed their coupons. Overall, the app saw an increase in mobile coupon redemption of almost 25%.

RecoCheck found out that users who received location-based notifications were 100% more likely to click through compared to users who received time-based notifications and found that users notified within the 100m geofence were 3x more likely to click through.

Women’s Gourmet coupon clicks increased 99% with interest sensing in the app.

Blogwatcher, Recruit, and Dentsu are also conducting trials based on Gimbal proximity with multiple retail partners in Japan.