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Gimbal Experiences: by Marketers, for Marketers.

The world of location and proximity is changing- fast. Early on, like with all new technologies, these solutions were mainly experimented with by developers and trailblazing organizations looking towards how they could use geofence or beacon solutions to enhance their mobile offering. Yet, as it became clear that these sort of location-enabled mobile solutions area a key aspect of engaging customers (who increasingly expect these services!), many enterprises came to the table, and in a big way.

Their initial lag was understandable, as it was due to the fact that the tools for creating location-based mobile campaigns were initially more technical in nature: slightly more difficult to set up, limits to what end user actions could be, raw data vs. analytic dashboards, multiple technology vendors required, etc. While we’ve always made best in-class products, oriented towards the scalability and security needs of enterprises, we wanted to make something that marketers could quickly apply their skill set towards to create “mobile moments of significance”, without getting their entire IT department involved. These include user experiences that digitally enhance a consumer’s journey in the physical world, and when done right, improve awareness, loyalty and sales. We set out to create a solution that makes that process easy so that a company can easily maximize the intrinsic opportunities of bundling location and mobile with one another.

As a marketer myself, I like slick tools that enable me to build campaigns easily and efficiently. I don’t want to spend time that I can use making my messages resonate as best as possible, not to mention juggling my other projects, knee-deep in code. I want to quickly segment my target audience based on some key attributes, build the campaign with drag-and-drop functionality, and then get some insightful analytics from the program that enable me to understand how well it performed.

For location-based marketing to be ready for the masses, it should be no different than setting up campaigns in other channels. We believe we’ve done that with our creative suite, Gimbal Experiences. Regardless of whether it’s through social media, email or mobile message, the tools to build the program are expected to be simple, intuitive and easy to execute. We’ve built a product that enables marketers to do just that and maximize the benefits of proximity and location. You can now easily create great digital experiences for customers as they explore the physical world that are key for driving awareness, loyalty and sales.

For those familiar with Gimbal, this is an important step on several fronts. First, while we always had some light-weight messaging capabilities in our Platform through a feature called Communicate, this was limited to some basic functionality. With the addition of Gimbal Experiences, marketers can now provide rich, in-app mobile experiences including videos, photos, URLs, deep links and more. While we are still pleased to partner with other great providers in the space, having this in-house can make sense in many instances as well.

We are happy to announce you can begin incorporating Gimbal Experiences to your programs today. Learn more on how you, or your favorite marketer, can get started.

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Victor Alcone

As marketing manager, Victor is responsible for managing and creating content across Gimbal's social, web and digital channels.

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